06 September 2017


  • 'Scrappage Bonus' scheme introduced to encourage replacement of older, more polluting cars and vans from the UK's roads
  • Customers will receive a bonus of up to £13,500 excl. VAT
  • Entire Fiat Professional range included
  • Scheme runs until 30 September 2017

Fiat Professional UK has launched a scrappage scheme to encourage the trade-in of older, polluting cars and vans, by offering a saving of up to £13,500 off a new, low emission van from the brand's commercial vehicle range.

The scrappage scheme is available using any petrol and diesel car or van registered before 31 December 2009 - customers simply trade in their old vehicle for a new Fiat Professional van. The Fiat Professional dealer will even organise the scrappage of the old vehicle, so all the customer has to worry about is which model to choose. The scheme runs all of this month until 30 September.

The entire range of new Fiat Professional vehicles is included with a range of offers: up to £5,500 off a Fullback, up to £6,500 off a Fiorino, up to £8,500 against a Doblo, up to £10,500 off a Talento and up to £13,500 against a Ducato.

"There has never been a better time to buy a new Fiat Professional van," says Richard Chamberlain, country manager, Fiat Professional. "I am delighted to announce that Fiat Professional is launching its own scrappage scheme, making new cars and vans even more affordable. And with a possible £13,500 to gain, and no restriction on the trade-in vehicle, I am sure many customers will find this initiative exciting and useful."


FIAT Professional UK Press Office Contacts:

Tom Johnston - Press Relations Manager +44 01753 511431 tom.johnston@fcagroup.com
Kate Saxton - PR Director +44 (0) 1753 519592 kate.saxton@fcagroup.com



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